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Market/Competitive Intelligence Research 
Cannabis Tech Watch provides high quality competitive market intelligence focused on the nascent, global cannabis technology industry. 

By gaining critical and timely insight into the key (global) market and emerging technological developments, key players, evolving industry ecosystems, value chains, and technology trends, businesses will be able to leverage and gain critical competitive advantage and increased market opportunities.

Both quantitative and qualitative data will be synthesized from a wide range of primary and secondary research and data sources, including a plethora of (global) cannabis tech businesses, state and federal government health and drug-related agencies, key cannabis tech knowledge leaders (KOLs), and primary (U.S. and international) market research surveys.

Competitive Intelligence - Custom Research / Quarterly Tracking

Sample Focus on five key industry/business outcomes (Utilizing both SWOT and Porter's Analysis) - Quarterly Tracking (Subscriptions)

1-Identify emerging cannabis technology markets
2-Identify potential entrants  
3-Identify industry competitors
4-Identify buyers
5-Identify leading suppliers
6-Identify threat of substitute products/services

Cannabis Tech Business Ecosystem Evolution - Quarterly Data Tracking

Senior business market theorists advise that companies need to consider their business as being part of an "ecosystem". The ecosystem being much broader than a supply chain, where the value chain would encompass suppliers and distributors, Members of the ecosystem may sell complimentary products, after sales services, or other ancillary products and services, vital to the overall customer experience.

Even when considering the members of the value chain, thinking in terms of the ecosystem and looking for ways of making business connections deeper, stronger, and more to a company's advantage, can help to maintain a competitive position in an ever-evolving and unstabilized marketplace.

Strategic Advisory Subscription Program:  Cannabis Tech Watch will provide a quarterly view of the evolutionary stages of  Cannabis tech business ecosystem, citing key, emerging market segments, key players, examples and updates of how successful Cannabis tech companies define and/or help shape their "business ecosystems" and subsequently gain competitive advantage.

Global Industry & Marketing Intelligence 
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