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Professional Expertise Highlights

 - Judith brings to Cannabis Tech Watch®,  25+ years as a leading Life Sciences, IT Enterprise Software, E-Commerce, E-Messenging SW/Services, and Telecommunications industry market research analyst and consultant. 

Market research and telecommunications expertise focused in the following industries:

  • Life sciences (le.g. KIL/KOL reseach/project management; clinical trial pre-launch design; medical device survey/qualitative research; competitive intelligence/bemchmarking research)
  • Health care IT
  • Clinical health-related studies and survey design/implementation
  • Medical devices
  • Global/Enterprise data/voice telecommunications networking
  • Global office automation
  • Global electronic messaging ((software/services)
  • Global IT (software and services)
  • Electronic commerce (software and services)

Life Sciences Market Research

- As founder, and Managing Director of Life Sciences Market IQ, Judith provided company leaders in the emerging life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, health care IT and digital media the help they need to develop, segment, brand, position, compete and validate marketing, business development, product and competitive strategies.

- Experienced in the development and deployment of extensive demand-side research, survey design, tabulation/analysis; specializations in web-based surveys and related survey design methodologies

- Expertise in designing and implementating surveys featuring KIL-Key Innovation Leaders and KOL -Key Opinion Leaders qualitative market research.

Enterprise IT Software /Services and Electronic Commerce Market Research

Judith has also held senior market research analyst management positions with top IT (global) market research and consulting firms and has been responsible for the following:

    -Competitive intelligence and market/ industry research (quantitative and qualitative) with a specific focus on: 

    -Syndicated/continuous, market research program management

    -eCommerce (BtoB), 

    -Supply Chain management (SCM)

    -Customer Relationship management (CRM)

Judith Rosall
Global Managing Director / Founder
Professional Skills

- Seasoned expertise in value proposition analysis, competitive intelligence analysis/tracking tools development, online survey development, market forecast modeling, and marketing collateral development for Fortune 50 companies. 

- Demonstrated understanding of competitive intelligence cycles, especially the collection, assessment, management and analysis of primary and secondary data.

- Seasoned expertise in forecast modeling and needs-based customer segmentation methodologies to aid in business, go-to-market, and product development solutions.

 -Strong track record in aligning vision and strategy through the development of marketing collateral/communications deliverables (e.g. white papers, case studies, best practices, company strategy/product profiles (strategic/tactical).

- Expertise in defining industry ecosystems

-Development of competitive landscape tracking tools/services

-Market trends analysis.

​-Domestic/European regional demand side (end-user) survey development, project management and report deliverables.

  -Strategic industry marketing consulting for worldwide client base in the areas of emerging markets, key players, market positioning; technology direction; competitive positioning analysis

  - Business model assessment.

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