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Cannabis Tech Watch® is a primary market research and competitive intelligence consultancy focused on the global cannabis technology industry and its related ancillary businesses. 

Cannabis Tech Watch® integrated services offers a timely blend of holistic business and qualitative market/competitive analysis, essential to understanding and doing business in a highly evolving, fast-moving, industry. 

This unique approach provides tactical and strategic market/competitive intelligence links between the dynamic Cannabis technology industry - and the initiation of critical marketing, technological, product/service development, supply chain and investment decisions. 

With its innovative, and time-sensitive Cannabis technology data tracking programs, Cannabis Tech Watch® helps support its clients in maintaining sustainable market and competitive advantage by: 

- Identifying and segmenting the market potential of emerging, advanced Cannabis technologies

- Creating and/or maintaining a dynamic and sustainable business ecosystem/supply chain that can leverage productivity and accelerate innovation

- Improving and accelerating the development of competitive and innovated products and services

- Identifying and developing competitive business models

- Building dynamic brand and product marketing communications 

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